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REDO Policy

We get it, sometimes you change your mind.

Our Iconic Eyes Optometry team will try to make frame and lens suggestions that would likely lead to satisfaction with a patient’s unique prescription and fit.


We ask that our patients take into account their unique prescription and doctor recommendations when making frame and lens decisions to prevent Redos.


Certain lens options take an average 2-3 weeks to adapt.

  • First time Progressive - adapting can take 1 day to 2 months, average 2-3 weeks

  • Digital Aspheric

  • High prescription power

  • Large or wrap frames


Prescription rechecks will be granted as a courtesy within 90 days of exam date.  

**ONE TIME REDO within 30 days of dispense**  
(or 90 days with certain insurance companies)

We are small local business, so we have some policies to ensure that we can continue to operate and serve our community.

New Frames: Patients have 30 days from the day the glasses were ready for dispense to exchange the frame and “re-style” if they do not like the fit or look.  A $35 “manufacturer’s exchange fee” applies to ALL frame changes.  Frames must be in perfect condition so that we can return it to the manufacturer; otherwise, no re-style may be granted. Patients must pay to upgrade to a more expensive frame in addition to the $35 fee.  

New Lenses: If a patient chooses to upgrade their lens options within 30 days (e.g. Bifocal to Progressive, adding ARC or Transitions, or Poly to Hi-Index, etc.) then they must pay the applicable upgrade charges. If a patient chooses to downgrade their lens options (i.e. Progressive to Single Vision, removing ARC or Transitions, or Digital to non-Digital) no refunds will be allowed, we will simply redo the lenses for free. Our office still has to pay the labs the original fees for making the initial upgraded lens options.

All change requests (lens options, prescription, measurements, frame style) need to made during the one time redo.

Iconic Eyes Optometry will provide this courtesy redo only ONE time per order within 30 days of original dispense, and any additional changes (2nd redo or multiple redo) will be charged to the patient at 50% of the full fees, paid out-of-pocket.

All prescription lenses are custom made and cut at premium labs in California.  Our REDO Policy allows for a one-time lens or frame exchange within 30 days of dispense. There are no refunds on these custom made products. 

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