Lens Treatments + Options

What differentiates us from online and wholesale retailers?

Our lenses are sourced from the world’s most technologically advanced laboratories including:​

  • Essilor / Crizal

  • Hoya

  • Unity

  • Shamir

Lens Coatings​
  • We only use premium anti-reflective coatings, that have 5-9 anti-reflective layers and 1-3 anti-scratch layers embedded.

  • These lenses should last 2 years or longer.

  • Many online labs and wholesalers use standard coatings that peel or scratch within several months, and they offer no warranty.

  • Our coatings provide optically truer vision experience

  • UV protection

Our Lens Warranties
  • One-time exchange on all custom-made lenses, 30 days from the notification date. This includes prescription change, frame change, and lens option change.

  • 2 year scratch warranty on lenses purchased with our Premium Level C or D anti-reflective coating. 

Lens Materials
  • polycarbonate

  • trivex (great for safety or shooting, rimless frames, less distortions)

  • thin hi-index 1.67, 1.70, and 1.74 (for high prescriptions)

  • digital aspheric (reduces distortions and magnification effect)

Single Vision Lenses
  • distance vision

  • general reading

  • computer range

Bifocal Lenses
  • both reading and distance vision but no focus in between

Progressive Multifocal Lenses (no line)
  • near to distance vision and focus at any range in between

  • There are hundreds of progressive designs available.

  • We use progressive designs with the highest adaptation success rates based on your prescription.

Near Variable Focus / VDT Work Lenses
  • general reading and computer (intermediate) range vision


Photochromic / Transition lenses
  • Respond automatically, darkens outside, clears indoors, providing eye protection against ultraviolet light (UV) and glare reduction

Sunglass Tinted Lenses
  • 100% ultraviolet light (UV) protection

Polarized Lenses
  • eliminate or reduce glare for driving or sports