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Eyewear Brands

We carry several brands of eyewear, spanning a range of budgets and styles. We carry designer, luxury, sports, safety, and children frames. 

We're also VSP in-network providers, so VSP members get additional frame benefits on certain promotional eyewear brands.

VSP members get an additional $20 to spend on:

Altair, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Draper James, Genesis, JOE Joseph Abboud, Lacoste, Lenton & Rusby, McAllister, Nautica, Nike, PURE, Skaga

VSP members get an additional $40 to spend on certain brands. More details in office.

Frames can be exchanged within 30 days of dispense with a 15% restocking fee. We allow a 1-time frame or lens redo within 30 days of dispense, any exchange will count as a frame and lens redo. Frames will be sent to the lab and new lenses will need to be custom made. No returns, since all prescription lenses are custom made by the lab. 

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