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I visited this place for a new pair of glasses because of the rave review on yelp. I would like to say this place doesn’t disappoint. The staff is really friendly and the decor is nice. The guy helped me, Andrew, is especially polite and helpful and I gave this place an extra star simply due to the great service. Andrew spent time with my insurance companies before I arrived so he could give me correct quote right after my exam. He also doesn’t push you to buy glasses from them at all. Dr. Ngo is really friendly as well and tried to explain everything to me clearly and to adjust measurement more to my needs. The only thing I hope is that they can have even more brands for men glasses even though there were already quite a few. The brands I saw there for men are boss, ray ban, Nike, polo, emporio armani, banana republic..etc. If you want to order size that’s not in stock in their place, there is an extra shipping charge of $25 though.Their glasses have 1 year warranty and I happened to have a chance to use it. Somehow the paints on my glass frame were peeling off after a week and they ordered a new frame for me right away. It took about 2 weeks for the new frame to arrive and they installed my old lens onto the new frame in 5 mins. Everything is good now.

- Jack C.